Self-Healing Programs and Individual Sessions for Those

Seeking Stress Management and Health Enhancement 

Hello Friends, 

Helping people to create and maintain lives that are healthy, joyful and bring more peace to the world has been my passion for a long time. I started Alternative Solutions over 20 years ago as a platform for sharing all that I have learned in my journey as a relentless SEEKER. 


With the advent of Covid 19 all that I have learned and all that I offer becomes even more essential to our ability to overcome the emotions (fear, anger, guilt, shame, grief) that can cripple us and even make us ill. Instead I invite you to embrace that which allows us to live in a state of appreciation, joy, kindness, and yes, peace. 


Learning to appropriately dissipate the emotions that contract us and open to the emotions that free us is the key to stress management, boosting our immune systems, and keeping our bodies healthy and safe. 

Please explore our offerings and I hope you find something that piques your interest to become a seeker or helps you to maintain the path that you wish to pursue. 

Judy Milinowski


Free 2 Hour Zoom Introduction to Qi Gong

Monday October 12th - 4 - 6 PM (Change of Time)  

 Click here for more Information.


Join me for a Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing 10 week virtual program, Monday 4 - 6 PM  (Change of Time)

October 19th - December 21st. Click for more information. 

Information about Free Classes

Weekly classes on Zoom are Free. Donations are welcome.

50% is donated to our local food bank. 

"Judy is, simply put, the very best I have worked with in her field. She puts people in a safe environment and helps them see the possibilities within themselves. She has worked with many many of my clients and their teams and has always gotten rave reviews and has always been asked back.   Judy is A# 1.  I could not recommend anyone more! "


Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson Associates, Inc.  


Recent Participant Comments:


"This was the best thing I ever did for myself"


"Wish I could take it over again"


"Great targeted information - really hit home - would love to learn more"


"I loved these sessions - it will change my life"


"Practical applications that don't take too much time"


Judy Milinowski  
Alternative Solutions

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