Operation Transformation

"Vocation is where your greatest passion meets the world greatest needs."  Author, Theologian Frederick Buechner


  •     Do you have a passion that is not being utilized?

  •     Do you know where your passions lie?

  •     Are you headed in the right direction?

  •     Are you following your heart or or head?

  •     Is your career in alignment with who you are?

  •     Are you happy in the work you are doing? 


If you are ready for a change and would like to discover what that might look like. Or if you have a dream and need some support in realizing that dream...This process is for you! 


This is a process that will  lead you on a journey to discovering your Higher Purpose. The part of you that knows who you are and where your highest potential lies in this life time. You will find the key to the part of you that holds all of your passion locked away inside. 


My ever-present guides help me to masterfully blend a variety of ancient healing modalities and leading edge technologies with enthusiasm and skill in a soothing and loving atmosphere. 


The outcome will be stepping onto a career path that will ultimately lead you to a happier, more enriched experience of your work and of life in general.  You will begin to view your career from a different more expanded perspective.  


These Spirit-guided sessions will set you on a path of releasing old belief systems that have kept you stuck and embracing new ways of being that will free you to become the highest expression of youself. When you reach this point it can't help but elevate the good of everyone else... this is where you are also bound to find your greatest joy

Holistic Career Coaching

Six Coaching Sessions 


Session 1  

Assessment - Through a series of exercise we will assess where where you are on your career path.


Session 2  

Introspection Using leading edge mind/body/spirit techniques we will uncover your deepest passions.


Session 3  

Expansion -Together we will discover what is standing in the way of achieving your

highest potential.


Session 4  

Alignment - Discover the apex where past experience, education, and new found passion form the foundation for change.  


Session 5 

Assimilation - Integration of  the past and what is emerging.


Session 6 

Advancement - Formulate a plan for moving forward. 


Programs include monthly follow up call for one year. 

For Free Introductory Session call: 203-253-1738
   $125 Per Session
Special Offer
$600 for all 6 Sessions
$150 Savings (If Paid in advance)

Also Assistance Available:


  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Resume Development

  • Branding


(prices available on request)

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