Individual Healing Sessions

Individual – Qi Healing Sessions

​Introductory Session: $45 for 45 minutes. 

Individual Virtual or In-person 6 - Week Series - $240 ($40 Per session) 

This introductory session will give you an opportunity to experience this unique and powerful work.  Once you have had one session you will be able to decide to continue on for a 6-week series.  

Individual Virtual or In-person 6 - week Series - $240 ($40 Per session) 

This is a Qi Healing process that will  lead you on a journey to your Higher-Self. The part of you that knows who you are and what your highest purpose is in this lifetime. You will find the key to the part of you that holds all of your wisdom locked away inside.

Ever-present guides help to masterfully blend a variety of ancient Qigong healing modalities and leading-edge technologies with enthusiasm and skill in a soothing and loving atmosphere. 

These Spirit-guided sessions will set you on a path of releasing old belief systems that have kept you stuck and embracing new ways of being that will free you to become the highest expression of yourself. When you reach this point, it can't help but elevate the good of everyone else... this is where you are bound to find your greatest joy. 

The outcome will be stepping into a happier, more enriched experience of life. You will begin to see the world, yourself, all the people in your life, and everyone in the world  in a new light. 

Included in each session:

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Trauma Clearing (if needed)

  • Energy Healing

  • Intuitive Guidance

Powerful Shamanic Sessions Available: In-Person and Via Zoom ($150 for 1  1/2 hour session) 

  • Power Animal Discovery

  • Extractions

  • Soul Retrieval 

"Judy leads her classes with care and is genuinely kind. She treats each of her students as if they are the only ones in the class. 


Judy’s Qigong classes teach you a practice that is easy to follow and simple to integrate into your own daily practice. Judy’s healing spirit and years of experience is genuine."

Anne Spelman