Weekly Classes

“To the extent that you cannot control the external world, it becomes all the more important
to control your internal world.”
Weekly Qi Gong Classes - Stress be Gone with Qi Gong

Each month there is a different theme to focus the classes. 

The theme for the Month of April is April Showers, Color is Blue! 

There are many Qigong exercises that use water as a metaphor in its many forms: the peace of a ripple less mill pond mimics peace of mind,  the tumultuous waterfall the busy mind and turbulent emotions,  the  tremendous energy in crashing waves represent our potential,  a raindrop is the individual self, and the ocean is becoming one with all that is, We will be exploring the Qigong exercises the most express the cycles of water.   The focus will also be on the flow from one Qigong exercise into the next and exercises for keeping the kidneys healthy. 


4 FREE Virtual classes a week on ZOOM to help you begin to control your internal world, deal with STRESS, and strengthen your immune system! 


  •  Tuesdays 9am (EST) 

  •  Thursday 9am (EST) 

  •  Thursday 4pm (EST) 

  •  Saturday 8am (EST) 

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"I am so grateful to have discovered Qi Gong with Judy. I only wish I had known about during my working years. The Journey into Qi Gong 10-Week Workshop has changed my whole outlook and given me a deeper appreciation for nature and life’s experiences." 


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