Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching

Six Coaching Sessions 


Session 1  

Assessment - Through a series of exercies we will assess where where you are on your life path.


Session 2  

Introspection - Using leading edge mind/body/spirit techniques we will uncover your deepest desires.


Session 3  

Expansion -Together we will discover what is standing in your way of becoming your best



Session 4  

Alignment - Discover the apex where culture,  life experiences, and beliefs meet your greatest passions and desires.


Session 5 

Assimilation - Integration of  the past and what is emerging.


Session 6 

Advancement - Formulate a plan for moving forward from a new perspective


Programs include monthly follow up call for one year. 



"I invite you to wind your way down a gentle path through a powerful process that will lead you away form pain, confusion and heartache to peace, health, abundance and joy"


Operation Transformation 

Individual Virtual or In-person 6 - week Series - 90 minute sessions


This is a process that will  lead you on a journey to your Higher-Self. The part of you that knows who you are and what your highest purpose is in this life time. You will find the key to the part of you that holds all of your wisdom locked away inside.


My ever-present guides help me to masterfully blend a variety of ancient healing modalities and leading edge technologies with enthusiasm and skill in a soothing and loving atmosphere. 


These Spirit-guided sessions will set you on a path of releasing old belief systems that have kept you stuck and embracing new ways of being that will free you to become the highest expression of youself. When you reach this point it can't help but elevate the good of everyone else... this is where you are bound to find your greatest joy.


The outcome will be stepping into a happier, more enriched experience of life. You will begin to see the world, yourself, all the people in your life, and everyone in the world  in a new light. 

For Free Introductory Session call: 207-633-5501

 $125 Per Session

Special Offer: $600 for all 6 Sessions

a savings of $150  ( If Paid in Advance)

  You Can Also Expect:

  • Education for Healthy Living          

  • Customized Daily Practices  

  • Deep Relaxation Techniques          

  • Intuitive Guidance      

  • Healing Engergy                              

  • Healthy Eating Suggestions

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