Journey into Qi Gong for


Join me in my Home Studio via Zoom to Learn Powerful Self-Healing Techniques from Chinese Medicine  
  • Lower Your Stress Level 

  • Boost Your Immune System 

  • Energize Your Brain

  • Improve Overall Health


Lowering your stress level and boosting your immune system are two of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones in these challenging times. Sign up for this powerful life changing 10 week Zoom program. 


10 Week Series - Oct 19th - Dec 21st, 2020 Mondays 4 - 6 PM (Note Change of Time)

$25 per session or $20 if making a pre-paid commitment for 10 Sessions (savings  of $50)

FREE - Introductory Session -  Qi Gong Self-Healing Techniques

October 12th, 4 - 6 PM (Note Change of Time)  Eastern. Click here to register on the Introductory Page 


Learn how to work with energy and draw on the natural ability of the body to lower stress levels and boost your immune system and enhance your self healing abilities.  Join a comprehensive, groundbreaking, educational and experiential program. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a variety of Self-Healing Qi Gong Techniques and gain support for incorporating these tools into their lives.




WEEK 1 – Discover Qi - Learn about Qi: Where is it? How do to access for self-healing, emotional well-being and spiritual growth.     

WEEK 2 – Gather Qi - Become aware of and harness the Qi from Mother Earth, the Cosmos, all of Nature

WEEK 3 – Circulate Qi - Learn to Enter into a state of cheerful indifference free of guilt, worry, and anger. 

WEEK 4 – Purify Qi - Release what no longer serves by elevating it to the heavens or flushing it into the earth

WEEK 5 –  Direct Qi - Use color, visualization, sound, and a focused mind to direct Qi where it is needed for healing  

WEEK 6 – Conserve Qi - Build a reservoir of Qi by understanding that you are either leaking Qi or building Qi with your actions in life.   

WEEK 7 -  Store Qi - Explore clearing our consciousness and the nervous system of disharmony in order to store Qi 

WEEK 8 – Transform Qi - Pierce the veil between the local forgetful self and the super conscious universal self to create the elixir of spirit medicine

WEEK 9 -  Dissolve  in Qi - Become ONE with all that is...attaining the ability to stay centered in the midst of "life's wild ride"

WEEK 10 - Transmit Qi - Become a channel to transmit Universal energy to others for healing. 



  • Development of self-regulation skills for stress relief                                               

  • Increased immune function

  • Improved coping skills for dealing with life

  • Decreased symptoms of physical illness

  • Decreased anxiety, and depression

  • Heightened sense of well-being and engagement in life

  • Improved interpersonal relationships

  • New perceptions about illness




  • Anyone with an interest in obtaining optimal health

  • Anyone looking to increase self-awareness, and enhance well-being

  • People with chronic illness or chronic pain

  • People with depression/anxiety

  • People suffering from chronic stress

  • People with chronic autoimmune disease                                                   

  • People with cancer and receiving cancer treatments

Event Registration Form

Complete the form below to sign up for the 10 week series Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing for for just $200 put the letters JQG in the message box. Or make arrangements with Judy to pay $25 per week.  


Payments can be made by clicking on the Pay-Pal account button or by contacting Judy at or 203-253-1738 for more information or to make other payment arrangements.  We accept Visa, MC and American Express. No registration will be confirmed until payments have been made and approved.  You will receive a confirmation after payment is made.

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