Stress be gone with Qi Gong Class

Tuesdays 9am (EST) 

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Saturday 8am (EST) 

Weekly Qi Gong Classes ( 1-Hour Via Zoom) - Free/No Registration Necessary

Learn a contemporary approach to mastering one of the three prongs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Qi Gong (Qi is pronounced Chee and means: Breath/Energy/Life Force and Gong refers to:  Work/Skill/Methodology).


STRESS BE GONE WITH QI GONG CLASS – Simple movements, breathing techniques, visualization and a meditative state combine to help us gain control over both ordinary tension as well as the subtle internal tensions that quicken the heartbeat, raise blood pressure, and increase the blood levels of stress hormones and age-promoting free radicals. This class can be taken standing or sitting. Beginners welcome!  (No equipment needed). 


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10 Phases of Qi Gong Workshop Series


Tuesday  April 13th 


Tuesday June  22nd 

2021    6 - 8 PM 

Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing  - Part I - Ten Phases of Qigong

(10 week Workshop series via Zoom)


Qi Gong is not only a practice for anti-aging, stress management, and health and healing but a pathway to empowerment and a spiritual enlightenment. Through the use of Qi Gong practices, we can tap into the power that operates the universe. Learn how! 

The next 10-Week Workshop Series "Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing" starts Tuesday April 13th - June 22nd  6 - 8 PM 

Information and registration about 10 Week Workshop Series 

FREE - Introduction to Qi Gong

2-hour Workshop

First Wed of Month


Next FREE INTRO Session Sunday 

April 11,, 2021   4 - 6PM

Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing  - Free Workshop (2hr via Zoom)

Ancient Wisdom with a Modern Twist!  Learn a contemporary approach to mastering one of the three prongs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Qi Gong (Qi is pronounced Chee and means: Breath/Energy/Life Force and Gong refers to:  Work/Skill/Methodology. It is easy to practice and offers immediate and powerful health benefits. 


Lower Your Stress Level, Boost Your Immune System, Take Charge of Your Health!   


​Workshops include:

  • Overview – How Qi Gong works

  • Experiential Breathing Techniques, Meditations, and Visualization 

  • Actual practice of Gentle Movement (often pictured in China in a park or a large body of water)

"Judy brings a wealth of knowledge from a holistic approach, coaching people for career focus in addition to health, welfare, stress and what makes someone happy. Judy has an innate ability to guide people in going deeper and investigating the true self then creating a plan to get to the next level of what they want. Judy provided ongoing stress management programs at LHH for all who were at LHH. She is an amazing person and I am thrilled to recommend her"

Dave Ciliberto 

SVP, Client Services/Career 

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