Operation Transformation​

Both Local and Virtual Programs Available 

A powerful 8 week virtual program that is based on proven , leading edge Mind/Body/Spirit techniques that are becoming main stream in both our general population and in our medical communities. These techniques have met with startling success.


The Process Includes: 

  • NINE VIRTUAL TELECONFERENCE SESSIONS - assessible by phone/webcast/Skype

  • 90 minutes sessions

  • Operation Transformation Workbook - to be downloaded

  • Support from Judy during the nine weeks via email and/or the private Facebook blogging page


Each session will include: 

  • Didactic Information

  • Actual Exercise Practice

  • Powerful Energetic Clearing and Relevant Guidance

  • Questions

  • A Recording of Every Sessions

  • One Individual Coaching Session for $35 (a discount of $65 - to be scheduled during the nine week period)

"Operation Transformation is a program that cuts to the core of stress related challenges in a stimulating yet nurturing environment. Judy is not afraid to push the envelope to ensure results. Her leading edge techniques offer life altering solutions that have had a profound effect on me personally as well as my team. Judy"s program has been part of our yearly training for 8 years."


Don Luftus,

CEO Prestiege Products,

Division of Procter & Gamble

Operation Process

Open the wounds - what is taking you off track
Prescription for change-change your thinking, change the outcome
Explore you options
Remove the cancer - self-limiting beliefs
Allow for healing - Look in the mirror - Are you willing?
Taking Charge - "De-fragging" your system
Identify the underlying issue - "Dealing with the "F" word FEAR
Overcome resistance - Scientific Evidence
New way of BEING 

Transformation Results

Transform overall approach to life
Removed barriers to success
Achieved balance between career and family
Negligible illness and absenteeism
Sustained behavioral changes
Formulated plans for reducing stress
Overcame fears
Reduced tension level
Moved from chaos to connection
Attained goals
Take charge of reactions to situations
Increased productivity and focus
Overcame phobias and path for overcoming additions
No more burnout


"Judy brings a wealth of knowledge from a holistic approach,coaching people for career focus in addition to health, welfare, stress and what makes someone happy. Judy has an innate ability to guide people in going deeper and investigating the true self then creating a plan to get to the next level of what they want. Judy provided ongoing stress management programs at LHH for all who were at LHH. She is an amazing person and I am thrilled to recommend her"

Dave Ciliberto 

SVP, Client Services/Career 

Transition-Partners International

"Judy is, simply put, the very best I have worked with in her field. She puts people in a safe environment and help them see the possibilities within themselves. She has worked with many many of my clients and their teams and has always gotten rave reviews and has always been asked back. Any company, any team and any person would only be better for experiencing what Judy has to offer and can teach them. 

Judy is A# ONE!!! I could not recommend anyone more! "

Lauren Anderson 

Lauren Anderson Associates, Inc.

October 22, 2009

Judy Milinowski  
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