Appreciation: A Powerful Elixir

In order to overcome my spiritual amnesia I am going back to the roots of my spiritual journey. The very first thing I learned in Al-anon was the practice of APPRECIATION. 

At a time when I thought my entire world was collapsing I was invited to do a gratitude list every morning before I even got out of bed. When I was told to do this my immediate reaction was anger. I didn't think I had anything to be grateful for at that time. Only because I  was so desperate for relief from my emotional pain I gave it a try. To my great surprise this simple practice of listing 10 things I am grateful for each morning started me on an pathway to recovery and did nothing less than change my entire life and brought me to incredible experiences in places like Moray in Peru. (shown in picture). 

When remember to do this it never fails me, but I am only now, thirty years later, beginning to understand the true power of the energy of APPRECIATION as an elixir that has the ability to change reality. It opens doors to new ways of experiencing life; it even has the ability to expand time. It is the grease that oils the tracks that lead to manifesting peace, joy, and abundance in life. The true magic begins to happen when you can begin to APPRECIATE the difficult situations and even the most painful events as the powerful teachers that they are. Of course I forget to use this elixir much of the I set an intention and made a commitment to myself that this will again become part of my daily practice. I encourage you to join me in doing this as a first step on a pathway that leads from Chaos to Connection. Love, Light, and Joy, Judy Milinowski

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