Healing vs. Curing

In the very early days of my holistic practice a woman with pancreatic cancer was referred to me. She had been given only a couple of months to live and was rigid with fear. She seemed to be void of any spiritual connection that might comfort her. I was panicked, “what could I possibly do to help her?” She began coming very week and over time she came to trust the work and started to release her fears and embrace her spirit. She made enormous progress and began making plans to ride in a 25k bike-a-thon with her daughter the following October. Each week through deep emotional release work and Reiki Treatments she became more and more expanded and was able to heal many areas of her life.

Unfortunately, she started going downhill once the goal of the bike-a-thon was met. I was devastated. I could not figure out why, if she had addressed the issues that her soul was calling forward, she was still dying. I was starting to be referred to as a healer and the situation made me begin to wonder what that really meant? I was afraid that her family thought that I might be able to "cure" her or at least keep her going until a medical cure could be found. This was not to be the case. She died a peaceful death shortly after Christmas. On the other hand, I was not at peace.

I finally realized that I was embarrassed and felt that somehow I had let the family down. I was also sure that they felt I had let them down. I couldn't have been more wrong. I never could have imagined that I would receive such loving affirmations for my work. As soon as I walked through the door of their home to offer my condolences I was surrounded by her husband, sister, sister-in-law, and daughters, all telling me of the incredible changes they had witnessed in their loved one over the past year and how she died beautifully in peaceful acceptance. They also believed that her physical pain was lessened because she was not in resistance. They were exceedingly grateful. I left feeling a bit better but was still confused and angry.

Meditating the next morning I was trying to process why, if she made such progress, she couldn’t heal herself. At that moment I felt the presence of her spirit and received the message from her that she was so happy to be out of “that body”! She made a choice to pass over. She knew that her present life would have had to change dramatically to accommodate her soaring spirit. The life she had created was far too limiting and rigid for the expansive being she had become. She had achieved the soul growth she had wished for and her work in this lifetime was complete. What a gift for me to begin to understand the difference between healing and curing. Although she hadn’t been cured she had been healed on many levels. My student had become my teacher.

A year later, a good looking fifty-five year old carpenter sat across from me in my treatment room and coolly announced that he had inoperable lung cancer and had been given six months to live. Because he was a veteran of the Twelve-step program and a student of A Course in Miracles he had little fear of dying and proclaimed, “I’m either being called HOME... and isn’t that exciting, or I am being called to change my whole life... and isn’t that exciting.” Since the allopathic medical community could offer him little, he made a decision to quite his job and spend whatever remaining time he had exploring alternative medicine. He knew nothing about Energy Work and I began by teaching him Reiki. After completing Reiki I and Reiki II he made a promise to himself that he would do Reiki on himself and one other person everyday. He understood the concept that each time you do Reiki on someone you receive the benefit as well. Several weeks after beginning this regime he

called to report that he was turned down for a test group at a major medical center because, “they couldn’t find the cancer”. Today, six years later, he is a Reiki Master and has turned his handcrafted home and beautiful garden into a healing center. Reiki not only cured him but put him in touch with his true calling as a healer. In this instance I felt that both a miraculous cure and healing were achieved.

I don’t always get clear answers to why one person is able to receive a cure and another, although seemingly healed, remains ill and sometimes dies an untimely death. Recently, a close friend suffered a massive stroke. When I got the call he was on his way into surgery and given only a 5% chance of survival. I was also informed that they had no way of knowing how much brain damage had occurred and that his health insurance policy had lapsed. I was asked to send prayers and ask everyone I know to join in a prayer vigil. Once I informed my email list I spent the rest of the evening in a quandary. Knowing Steve well I couldn’t imagine him wanting to live anything but a full and active life and what if he was being called HOME. What was I to pray for? What about God’s will? Did he need spiritual healing or a cure? I wondered if this confusion weakened my prayers or perhaps even rendered them worthless.

I decided that my time would be best spent asking for guidance as to how to pray and what to ask for. I was promptly rewarded with a visual of a vortex of energy that looked very much like a revolving door. Steve seemed to float in the center as the door spun around him. The opening on one side was wide open and led into the tunnel of white light that many dying people speak about. It seemed to have a powerful suction and allure. The other side opened back into Steve’s life as he knew it. The light was less bright and compelling – the door only three quarters of the way open. The message was clear. By praying for the highest and best outcome for Steve’s soul we are holding the door opened so he could make his own choice. The more people that prayed and kept Steve in their thoughts the wider the door opened and the stronger the pull – the idea being to create an equal balance on each side of the door allowing Steve to have the ability to truly create his own destiny. As my confusion faded and I began to add my positive energy to the opening I noticed it becoming a bit more vibrant. As I watched in amazement it became brighter and brighter as the evening progressed, eventually equaling the light of the tunnel. I learned the next day that the call for prayers for Steve had reach nine different countries.

It has only been five months since Steve’s stroke and against all odds and the negative prognosis of many medical professionals he is functioning at about 85% capacity and expected to make a complete recovery. I will never again question the purpose and power of prayer when it comes to both curing and healing. I have witnessed enough miraculous cures to know that we all have the ability to affect our physical destiny, but I also recognize the power and importance of spiritual healing. Next month I will offer some insight to some of the energy systems available to us for accessing that power.

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