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As Westerners we are used to taking a magic pill that takes away our illnesses and pain. Penicillin took away our strep throats as kids, ibuprofen our aches and pains as adults, anti-depressants change our moods and calm our anxiety and oxycontin lessens the pain after surgery or a serious injury. Yes, these are miracle medicines, and they have their place and there are hundreds more, but they all have their downside. They have also led us to believe there is a “magic pill” for everything. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

When I first found Qigong and Master Chunyi Li said, “healing is simple”, I thought he was quite absurd. Years later I am discovering what he meant.

It is all about our vibration. I’ve always known that on some level, but I never really understood it. The deeper I get into my Qigong practice the more the statement, “healing ourselves and others is simple”, makes sense to me. Healing ourselves and others is simple you just need to keep your vibration high. Of course, it is keeping your vibration high that is the issue when we don’t live in a stress-free zone.

Our lives are full of stressors that lead to fear, anger, guilt, shame, and sadness. These are the emotions that keep us contracted, our vibration low and keep the qi from flowing freely in our bodies, and lead to dis-ease and then disease, especially during this time of unprecedented stress.

I believe that we all have the ability to master stress and there are no excuses. Once I began practicing Qigong on a consistent basis, I realized that I was automatically raising my vibration and all sorts of magical things began to happen.

My sleep patten improved, aches and pains I had just accepted as part of my landscape were gone, I was able to let go of negative thinking, and my moods became more even as the qi in my body began to flow more freely.

The early Chinese understood the nature of energy as a vibration and the ancient practices of what we now know as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all speak to the need to keep our vibration high in order to optimize our health. TCM is composed of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and the practice of Qigong.

Qigongs (pronounce chee-gong), is comprised of gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditations that are all designed to move qi (energy) through the body and yes, they all raise our vibration. We all have the ability to do this.

Think for a moment about how you feel when you are excited about some wonderful news. If you take a moment to notice, you will realize that your body is tingling or even buzzing a bit. That feeling is the qi freed up in your body. Now think about what happens to our bodies when we are angry or frustrated. Everything tightens up. In the same way we clench our fists our whole body responds by tightening up. Our vibration drops and it is impossible for qi to flow freely.

Most people are not that surprised when they end up with a cold a week after going through a particularly stressful week at work. Think about how that is compounded when we are under constant stress with no relief. Scientists and doctors tell us that many of our modern illnesses are a direct result of stress.

The study of qigong is a lifelong pursuit but the benefits of starting a qigong practice are immediate. I can attest to this because my students report back to me everyday on how their health, wellness, and lives are changing as a result of practicing qigong and keeping their vibration high. I myself find I now get out of bed most mornings with the tingling of anticipating something wonderful happening.

Barbara has been taking my classes for a few months and tells everyone that her Fitbit is reporting that she is getting an average of 2 hours more of sound sleep a night. Joan is amazed that her rheumatoid arthritis pain has decrease significantly since starting qigong. Suzie did not realize how much qigong was helping her chemo induced neuropathy until she stopped doing her exercises for a week.

It is shocking to me that this powerful ancient wisdom is still so hidden from our culture when the Chinese practice TCM right alongside western medicine in their hospitals with astounding success. No, it is not a magic pill, but it is a magical pathway to wellness practiced by more than 80 million people in China and only 700,000 in the United States. It is time for more people to begin to enjoy the peace and wellness Qigong can bring to your lives and the joy that you deserve.

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