Stress Management

Customized Programs Can Include:



Guided Visualization

Relaxation Response

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Stress Buster Exercises - Mental and Physical

De-stressing from the Inside Out

Coming to Terms with the "F" word FEAR

ABC"s of Creating a STRESS FREE DAY

Alternative Solutions for Healthy Living

Qi Gong Exercises and Meditation

Accupressure Points

Autogenic Training


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"Stress, when properly regulated and channeled, is one of life's most positive energies".

Build Your Stress Management Survival Kit


Individual and Group Sessions

Virtual and In-Person


Healthy stress is a natural part of life. We need a certain level of stimulation to perform daily tasks and achieve goals. But when stress is excessive, extended and unfocused, it becomes distress, and can cause real damage. Over  a long period of time, high levels of stress take a serious toll on our health and wellbeing.


While we can't completely avoid stress, we can take precautions so that life's challenges won't send us into a tailspin. We may even find that our stress points can become opportunities for making course corrections in our lives. 


Build a Stress Management Survival Kit to protect yourself from the adverse effects of prolonged stress that is so prevelant in our society today. 

Less than $20 per session. These programs are usually $50 per session. Included is a downloadable workbook usual cost $19.99 Recordings of each session, unlimited access to Judy via email and Facebook blog, and a $65 discount on an individual Session.

Total Savings: $313.00 

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